new york, new happiness

for those keeping score, tomorrow i should get the results from my biopsy. i'm not that nervous. the doc seemed really comfortable saying it was nothing so i'm riding that wave ;)

it helps that i leave for new york this week too. before i know it i'll be on that lovely red eye...and i can't wait. this has been a good year for trips thus far. i know this one's gonna be a goody one too. tc is the ultimate tour guy and has so graciously taken off of work so that we can scoot around the island exploring. i love the city and can't wait to see how it looks 8 years later (yes it's been a minute) but most of all i can't wait to hang with this guy and catch up.

he's planning on having a housewarming party so i get to really jump into his life post kansas city. i like being a fly on the wall...PLUS i get to help be dj. mwahahaha.

2008 is shaping up nicely. i've had one set back but i stayed strong thru it and will continue to do so if need be. i've been getting out and seeing new things, had some great moments with my friends...learned some great lessons from folks i never in a million years thought i'd actually associate with again, i've completed that acting book requirement for my new acting class...started messin with the monologue for class. things are checkin out!

today i went on this really great hour long walk with my girl ev and was able to shake off the feelings of blah and discontent. i have no idea what causes that mess but i now know how to get rid of it. WALK! i am now back on the "pumped for life" bandwagon.

happy earth day :)

p.s. i'm jaded...what's wrong with pennsylvania. ugh. is anyone else sick of all this mumbo jumbo primary ish?!


  1. You get to be the DJ? Now that's trust. :)

  2. I've been thinking about you girlie! I'm stalking your blog keeping track of you....and I'm sure that doc is right!


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