love builds love

i've decided that everyone should be mandated to watch the tv show "the big give". every time i watch the show i'm reduced to tears...just salty tears in a puddle.

observing people doing random acts of kindness and showing some compassion does something to the soul. i feel like today i've received a little something that i have to be thankful for. i had this wicked weird dream about my mom and dad so of course i had to get on the phone with mo this morning and make sure everything was cool. my cute little madre was as goofy and bubbly as ever, immediately put my fears to rest and then changed my whole morning around. apparently her best friend, ness, has a cousin on the tv game show "deal or no deal". this cousin is about to move on from the show so ness spoke to her, gave her my information and then told her that i'm a good person and she should do whatever she can to help me out. i started tearing up and told my mom that was a nice gesture. my mom replied that there were a lot of folks back home pulling for me. you know i may never hear from that cousin but just a small reminder that i have people pulling for me is enough.

it's time to start creating more days like that. case in point. the other day i arrived at work feeling like pooh. i went down to pass out information on my company's new name change...greeted people at the door, put on a smile and found that i felt great afterwards. sitting at my desk growling at folks never makes me feel all bubbly inside. lesson learned. so's time to flip the script.

my good deed for the week: i begged and pleading for my best buddy to watch this show about newlyweds. she finally got to watch it and she was entertained. :) it's good for loving couples to see other loving couples doing well and working well together...people see happy people and do everything to tear them's terrible. no more crabs in a builds love yo!

acting update: i haven't heard back from the acting studio yet but i'm gonna stay on their behinds.


  1. Girl, you have so many people rooting for you. Everyone can relate to the beauty of going after a dream.

    I still feel like I can't comment properly on this because I just read that 4am shooting post, but yea. We're all with ya. :)

    And yes, that show rocks. Thanks for making me watch it. You were relentless (but in a good way!).

  2. lol..yeah sorry. that was just too random not to blog about. i mean it's no tmnt but it's pretty darn interesting lol...


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