i'm walking on sunshine

saturday mornings in pasadena continue. no one was on the road this morning...i was just cruisin' along the 134 freeway, mountains on my left, sun ahead, cool breeze and some india arie sangin' about "releasing all the disappointments from her mental, physical and emotional being". that's what i'm talking about! forget which side of the bed you leap from...it's all about what you do on your first destination of the day.

i sat in the salon place where i get the hair from my eyebrows plucked away and watched as employees came in (i love being the first appointment of the day). one hair stylist came in dancing to the music and had me giggling out loud (gol). don't we all want jobs that get us dancin'?!

good morning complete. now i sit, eating a strawberry cupcake i baked last night, taking a break from a script i'm running through for a workshop i'm doing tomorrow morning.

for the first time i relate to this character...i get where she's coming from, i know how she works, what gets her tickin, how she hides her insecurities so i'm really happy to do this piece. i'm hopefully reconnecting with a casting director i met many moons ago back in kc too. she was really supportive and kept on me to get her a taped monologue so she could send me out for work but i just didn't know enough about the game out here...didn't know if she was legit--totally green i was. tomorrow she'll meet a new tishy :)

i'm really happy right now. last night was dope. my homie, big d, came over for part 2 of "lets cook a meal together" so we made some of his famous spaghetti...well he made it. i watched and took pics and then i baked some strawberry cupcakes (yogurt substitute--less fat), we took some to our pal evvie and her husband & kid (cupcake therapy for the masses!) and then we came back to my spot and watched lucky number slevin. i've seen it before but i forgot just how clever that dang movie is. highly entertaining. two thumbs up for sure.

as for the rest of my today, i'm going to go watch the final four games down at my alumni fam bam bar with my buds and then possibly go out for a little dance action with the ladies tonight. it's been a minute since i've gone out in la...(and actually enjoyed it) but i'm feeling great today...ya just can't see the blues when you're rose-colored glasses are bigger and better than ever.

i figure doing something bliss-seaking like cooking something that happies the soul and really laughing it up, clicking with your good friends and really just enjoying life is what it's all about. i just feel so free spirited and content right now...i've been praying hard core for happiness and peace. the minute i stood still and started paying attention was the minute i found what i needed. :)


  1. Spoken like a true wise little gnome/frog. :)


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