i'm in a new york state of mind

i am SO in a new york state of mind. it's all i've been thinking about today. i have the best kinda butterflies. i got tc a small gift to say thanks for letting me shack at his abode for the weekend (plus he just got his own place in ny...not a simple task). i plan to do a heck of a lot of sleeping on the plane but i'm still trying to make room in my plane bag for the journal...you never know when inspiration will strike!

my agent actually called today to send me on an audition for tomorrow...sigh lol. sometimes life just has to happen...i'm not regretting any of it...especially since it was to pose as a mommy in an ad. is that what i've become?...the "mommy type"...sigh

i was hoping i could still pull off the cute and sassy 18 year old...no?

anyways. time to go play with b before i grab a bus down to LAX. today has been such a delightful day.

i'm in a new york state of mind (sing this like big on sex and the city)


  1. You should go on the SATC tour while you're out there! He'd love that. lol.


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