i get by with a little help from my friends

like outkast said, "i'm feeling good feeling great".

the procedure yesterday went really well. my girl b went with me and it made the experience great. i can honestly say i didn't get nervous which i credit to her. while i was doing the paperwork the woman asked her what relationship we were to each other and of course we said friends/sisters. friends really do improve the backbone i must say.

i named the lump (herbie) and the docs went to business taking samples of the little guy to see if he's going to be annoying or not. the doc told me he believes it'll be nothing--i don't think a doc would fudge something like that up if he didn't have to. so yeah i was a bit sore yesterday but still managed to grab sushi before heading home and knocking the heck out for the rest of the day. sleeping is an adventure...heaven forbid you roll over (ouch) so i'm a bit of a zombie case but if that's the only prob i encounter from this whole experience well then so be it!

last night i watched hours of hgtv...that's heaven man. today my girl akiba is coming up to watch flicks with me before she freaking goes to a meet that will help prepare her for the 2008 olympics...crazy awesome gal pal.

j's in new york for work and is doing a grand job of keeping me posted on celeb sitings (it's so much more fun there than here). she just saw seth green lol.

what do you do when you sing out of tune?...

if you're me, ya grab the pals and keep 'em close.


  1. Glad all went well, Tish. Hope Herbie is nothing, just like the doc said. :)

  2. Thinking of you all day yesterday! Hope all is well and watch out rolling over, dearie!

  3. Glad you are okay... keep us posted...


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