goes down in the history books!

where does one begin to explain the pure joy of your alma mater winning the ncaa championship game!? i know not.

yesterday was seriously THE crowning moment of my little jayhawk life. i've never felt that kind of hi
gh before...or been that stressed out. has to be one of the best games i've ever watched in my life. the best part by far was watching these ku dudes keep at it...they never gave up. it was inspiring as all get out!

so yesterday i grabbed my homie d and headed to el guapo, the local jayhawk bar and we made nice with the other jayhawks and two silly memphis supporters who refused to leave my side (good thing on
e was a cutie crush from one of my old acting classes). i've never crossed my fingers so hard, wanted to hit the other team's fans so much...lol it was just intense and beautiful when super mario's three went in. was anyone else holding their breath for the last 2 minutes of the game like i was?!!!

i always looked at crazed fans and wondered why they celebrated so hard. now i know the reason...it's been 20 years since my school's won a championship game and by golly it was about time!

i'm gonna add pics from the night. rock c
halk jayhawk go ku!!!

p.s. thank you kansas for helping me come in 2nd place on my bracket.gotta love those boys!!!


  1. Damn, only one Memphis supporter was a cutie? What about the old man he was with? I, uhhh, he ain't so bad. At least that's what they told him over TWENTY years ago! ;-)

    It was great hanging out with you. Much success.

  2. Charles!!!? lol.

    He found the ole blog...I would describe you as handsome and distinguished : )


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