estrogen rocked

this weekend a gal pal of mine that i heart came into town to visit. ms akiba is one of my many sheroes that's doing big things. she's a walking talking dream machine. she's a track athlete who made a career out of doing exactly what she loves and surrounding herself around supportive heroes and idols that she had as a young girl. like she said this morning, it's surreal.

every gal needs a vacation though so she came up to get away. she hung out with d and i last night, we watched a good flick and then stayed up giggling and catching up all night. it was nice...but then the heifa suckered me and asked if i wanted to go watch an la sparks tryout. i agreed and then she hit me with the 7am requirement...weekends are meant for sleeping in!!!

watching the women practice today was totally cool though. i felt like i had entered "love and basketball"...i was waiting for quincy to come out lol...i brought my big ole acting book and i sat in the gym working on my dreams while the ladies worked on theirs....good space to be in.

after the last work out akiba's friend and other tryout buds met us at roscoe's for some chicken and waffles and we had a good time just hanging out and meeting new folks. one girl from texas actually knows some of my texas peeps i grew up with (it's a small world i say!)

it was a nice girlie kinda day. i took a nap which was a big no no...i'll be up and wired all night but there's some father of the bride marathon thing on so bored i will not be.

the most memorable part of the weekend though: taking a moment to sit with the fact that me and my girls have the skin of elephants. we've been thru a lot and are pretty snazzy people. i know i shouldn't put a lot of importance on such fickle things such as personal history (histories subjective you know) but it's empowering to be in the presence of good folks. just is. :)


  1. Glad you had a good weekend. You totally deserved it. :)


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