actor's key workshop

oh this is the part of the acting process i seem to have the most trouble with lately. i had my workshop today and i got some great feedback but it's really hard to keep out the negative thoughts sometimes.

you have to realize that the feedback is somewhat coming from a place of support if you will...they're trying to hone your skill.

so i arrive at the burbank building with the cute red door and sit with all of the other nervous actors and wait. the casting director arrives and gives a short speech about what she does, what's she's accomplished career-wise and what she looks for in the actor's that come through her door. then the real stuff began. i read thru my scene with her observing and then she gave her feedback. my big ole curly mess was distracting (noted: take ponytail to auditions), have to fix my resume and headshots (small tweak) and then she went into my performance...apparently i've picked up shifty eyes. this is a bummer lol...shifty eyes are reserved for liars and weirdos.

(don't respond to that last noun)

so yeah i definitely got great practical career advice. i think i always walk away from these things disheartened because i no longer receive the same responses i used to get in my younger years. the "oh you can act! you have great instinct, etc."

i'm seriously starting from scratch out here...lost my mojo and am actively working on getting that ish back!

on a better acting note: i went to my game watch party (GO KU!) yesterday and actually sat and spoke to a fellow jayhawker who happens to be an actor (i didn't know this). i guess he now directs so he asked if i'd be interested in possibly hosting shows...he gave me his card and told me to write him. i plan on doing that right after this blog :) i'm really trying to just enjoy this whole unknown process.

it's a day that i happen to be drippin in acting thoughts.


  1. Is it funny that we both had disheartening moments this weekend but have both found the good in them? We're learning. :)


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