acting 101

i'm back in the class setting and am freaked out like you don't even know what lol
so yesterday i went to audit this class this prominant actress teaches...way different that my first experience out here. first of all the folks auditing had to sit at the back of the class, which immediately calmed my fears and allowed me to observe and ask questions.

there's a guy filling in for the acting coach while she's on set and he's a director of film and commercials, he directed the movie "pride" so he's definitely got some great work under his belt. this cute little stocky african man sat up there with his charming little accent and discussed blue balls and other things that sounded hilarious coming out of his energetic little mouth...i think i fell in love with his sporadic but honest assessments of the scenes we watched.

2 hours in, it was a home run. i was sitting there thinking that i could definitely do the class...i'd probably start in the beginner's class because these folks were dang good... the last group got up to perform and knocked everything i've seen live out of the water.

i don't think i exhaled for a good 30 minutes. the two men performing had to act out a scene i know i've seen before in a movie about a man that's been sent to kill his best friend...the best friend goes thru all of these emotional states begging and pleading for the guy to take pity on him and right when he thinks he's gonna let him go the man shoots him in the back. it was so that moment i knew i belonged in the beginners class but nooooooo.

after the scene everyone filed out and one of the teachers told me i'd be working with a gal in the class for next week...(gulp), that i needed to pick up the book the main coach stresses in each class (double gulp)...did i mention i'd be in a class with the folks i discussed earlier?!!! (gulp, pass out)

i do enjoy what these coaches bring. they started class with rejoices and triumphs...people would shout out i just booked a $100,000 commercial or i just booked 'the game' or 'csi new york' husband and i decided we're going to start trying for a baby. it was cool to see that...

and then there's the psych evaluation aspect of acting classes. every coach i've ever ran across loves to bring up the abandonment thing...what parent did you wrong...and so of course he did that but then he asked for people to get their power back at the end. i was diggin the positive spins on everything so i'm thinking this class is going to be good for me. i'm just a bit intimidated lol...

just a bit.
this week should be very interesting...


  1. Wow, girl, that is some pressure. But you can do it. Just play "Eye of the Tiger" before each class. ;)

  2. Wow...
    This sounds AMAZING!
    I wanna take this class and I don't even act!!


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