this is the good stuff

saturday was a good day my friends.

d and i got together to cook and watch some good flicks and it was the best! we started off by going to this lovely little cupcake shop down in beverly hills, sprinkles, and chowing down. i made myself sick by eating two of
those little pieces of heaven in a 20 minute period...that's dangerous man. for all the other folks out there that can't have chocolate like me (it's been hard ya'll...really hard) i recommend the strawberry. i bit in and a world of strawberry goodness filled my mouth. i kid you not. i mentioned heaven earlier... i plan on having a banana one here soon...oh yes i bought 4 :) don't get it twisted.

after cupcake time we began our cooking adventure. mission: to make a kick arse meatloaf...and that we did. i've figured out it's really fun to cook as long as you have someone in the kitchen helping with all of that dang prep work. it took us an hour to make it...together so i can't imagine doing that ish alone. it was freakin' good as heck too.

besides the meatloaf with special glaze we were kickin' it gangsta guy style-like. we had the games going, ordered some wings and was so chill...these are the moments of my life that i adore. we squeezed in two films too. i realize i'm weird for not having seen "top gun" in the past but whatever...i'm human aight? we watched was a good one of course and "chasing amy" can imagine the great conversations d and i picked out of that ish.

i love having folks in my life that i can do chill things like that with. we frickin' laughed and goofed off all day long...i almost peed my pants a couple of times. figured out i'm not such a bad cook (there's hope for my raman noodle preparin' butt afterall!) and that i can live in a state of perfect bliss if the right team makes my bracket sing, i've got some good flicks under my belt and have some friends that enjoy sharing such things with me. life's pretty nice.

this morning i got up and walked to a coffee shop with miss bree...good conversation about our favorite go-to topics lol (anglophiles rock!), new music Bree burned for me and green smoothy coffee substitutions does a body good. now it's time to shower and prepare for elite 8 madness.

this weekend goes in the books for ideal delightfulness.

on the acting front: i'm still getting vague acting advice that i can't wrap my head around...i hear how other people are doing it but i haven't heard that little crack of info that is an inevitable cling-to...that one piece of knowledge that works for me and will set me on a visible path i can work with...tomorrow's my audit class so we'll if i find any juicy nuggets there.

rock chalk jayhawks!!!


  1. I'm loving the pics. Don't you just love blogger?!


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