stranger you always knew

have you ever met someone that posesses qualities of all the men you've met in your much so you feel like you've known the guy for a long time? (your father's birthday, a friend's scent, smiles like another...)

yesterday i went out with b and her sis to hadaka--that cool sushi restaurant i used to rave about a few blogs back. (naughty sushi) and we had a great time hanging out and meeting up with the trumpet guy (paying attention?) and his friends.

i'm kinda unnerved by how crazy last night was...i'm kinda at a loss for words. if you're single long enough you kind of forget you can connect to someone. you learn and know that you're enough and you don't have to have someone. now the cool new step is learning how to hang on to that independence and continued thirst to keep evolving (we tend to stop and get comfortable when we become a we) and not mind letting a man hold your hand.

isn't it crazy how we can imagine stuff all day long-to the point where we've thought about it enough we should be comfortable with it-only to freak out when it pops up anyways? crazy friday...


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