on second thought

i’m reading a book right now that directs its readers to inner peace and by gosh if it’s not actually rubbin’ off on a sister.

I’ve found lately I hesitate a lot before writing…stuff still flows from my fingers on a regular basis because I have to get it out but I’m more aware that one day’s rant will be another days strengthening point. Take my last couple of blogs for instance lol…i came close to not publishing them because i knew the anger and despair would pass eventually...

Yes I was devastated and obviously upset but it didn’t last nearly as long as you’d assume it could have. I got out and walked with a friend of mine last night and afterwards I couldn’t even remember why it was so bad to find out all the news that was dished previously. Crazy? I blame the book…or credit it if we’re lookin’ at the situation in a positive light. Talk about clearing one’s head!

So yeah I’m not upset, angry, hurt by anyone…i lost the reasons to take it all so personally…it’s kind of pointless really.

I always say don’t confuse the skinny with being thin skinned. (I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times more) I’m already back on the wagon looking at other avenues that have me a bit excited. There’s this competition I’m gonna check out in april, the tvi thing and my girl bree’s possible play connect are all good stuff to look forward to…I’ll actually BE in the mix. Pretty nice right?

Tonight I’m hanging with my girl Rushell for an extended birthday dinner at a restaurant in culver city. The gal gives me mad peace…I’m addicted to calm positive folks lately lol…it’s a drug! So yeah…for those that were worried, no need to be

Skinny girl is just fine!


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