no use crying over spilled venom

there’s no use crying over spilled venom...

i gave myself last night to try and figure out what it meant to read that email and try to figure out how i felt but i wasn’t too successful. i take that as a sign that maybe i shouldn’t stay in this place of pain and uncertainty for long.

i’m sitting here at my computer and i can feel i’m a little off head wants to sway to one side like my room is at a slant. weird? i think i was just blown a little off kilter and since it’s a little uncomfortable i’m gonna shake it off pretty darn quick.

ok so here’s the deal. there’s no more tv show about a mixed girl. ok. now it’s time to start looking into new acting classes. there’s this place called tvi that i went to before. it’s expensive as heck so i gave them the deuce but i think it’s time to invest a bit, don’t you think? i wanna have real roles before the year is up :)

so that’s what i’m doing today. this path is hard but these kind of road blocks are easy to get around...there’s always room to go another way.’s so hard to do this when you’re scared, exhausted and clueless but i’m out here going at it blind...i just keep walking ahead.


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