march madness

3.29.2008 be in the throws of march madness is a beautiful beautiful thing. yesterday i went and watched the game (the KU vs Villanova game for all of you new folks) and had a rockin' good time eatin' wings and french fries...drinking beer (i'm paying for that dearly today) and high fivin' with the other jayhawks. watching the tourney games has been a passion of mine for a number of years now...always had a blast but i have to say last night was pretty much at the top of the coolest game watching list. i was sitting at a table with a bunch of folks when i saw an older woman out of the corner of my eyes....i turn to the good sir to my right, martin, and say, "hey that looks like i dream of genie"...2 seconds later my gal maria says, "did you guys notice that i dream of genie is here?" (well she said her real name but i've never been good with names so work with me.)

now i have to digress for a bit to tell you that i've seen lots of cool celebrities since i moved to la la land but i've never had the guts to ask for photos...i never want to intrude, be annoying, yadda yadda so i sat there nervously wondering...hoping i was doing a good job playing cool.

so yeah i failed. she got up to leave and i jumped on asking the dear soul if i could take one with her. since she's married to a jayhawk and therefore awesome she agreed and now i've taken my first celeb photo shot. she's an icon for pete's sake!


  1. that is hilarious! I love your crazy expression girl!!

  2. Dude, that's so awesome. She looks the same!

  3. TISH!!! So glad you've joined the world of Blogger--I'm starting from the beginning of the new blog so I can catch up. I wasn't good about checking your myspace one! So cool that Barbara Eden is married to a Jayhawk and that you got to meet her! I was a huge Genie fan as a kid!!! :)


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