lets take a long walk

i have to prepare ya...this here blog is gonna start sounding really hippy like so brace yourself.

i had this really weird morning at work. one of my email pals started laying some heavy stuff on me...just had something negative to say about every freaking thing i would bring up and it bowled me over. at one point i was trying to explain something and i felt this weird panic attack coming on. i couldn't breath and my chest got heavy...i could just feel the crap he was throwing at me and finally i snapped and had to tell him it might be best to cut the chit chat out completely. there are just some people that refuse to put on those rose colored glasses...that's fine but who wants to be best pals with the energy vampires of the world? not i, said tish and so it was done.

the rest of the day was pretty good but i just couldn't shake the muck he left me with so i decided to take a walk thru my neighborhood. i got out, set oscar junior to my current favorite song (a joss stone tune actually) and hit the streets. i don't know what happened but the smell of bbq, laundry detergent and flowers overwhelmed me...i started having all of these sensory flashbacks of good times and my heart kinda started to burst. i'm walking around about to cry-ridiculously happy...over absolutely nothing but some flowers and memories. i'm loving life right now...that was the best walk of my life...people always say their life flashes before their eyes when they feel threatened but i just experienced flashbacks based on my life being blessed.

i just want to hug someone and kiss 'em smack dab on the cheek lol...you feel that?! what you're experiencing is the affects of me high on life lol and loving every moment of it...even the blisters i picked up along the way :)


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