it’s so hard

i know this should be a happy blog filled with all the good stuff that happened in chicago but it’s not. lol sorry to burst bubbles. it was great don’t get me wrong and some day soon i’ll pull out my journal notes and type away but i just got some bummer news that’s left me speechless.

i was seriously hit by a drive-by email. an email that seriously shot thru my heart and killed any joy i may have had today. writer friend sends me a casual email about some stuff and then at the very end i get the news. the mixed chicks pilot has been shot down for good...her and halle have moved on to another project and oh yeah, jurnee smollett will be playing the writer...i wasn’t an option there.

i’ve learned an important the world of acting it’s who knows you and how many people know you that gets you the job. i know i’m tired from traveling but that seriously was a low blow to everything i’ve been resting on lately...i put every tish egg in that mixed chicks basket...i just knew i’d found the best way into the biz but i guess not.

i’m about to go for a walk...a different kind of walk than the one i had the other day...this is one that drains me of any energy i may have had left so that i won’t cry my eyes out.

it’s so hard...when people tell you it’s hard, they mean it. it’s hard.


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