it's a new day

Ya have to forgive me, I've been having a lovely week but haven't really been able to translate it to pen/keyboard quite the way I usually can. here goes though

-I started reading this book called, a new day and it's just about my favorite thing to do lately. At first I hated the darn thing. I couldn't wrap my head around the ideas the author was proposing but after awhile I started catching on and really getting it. I guess the benefits of understanding outweighed putting it down and continuing the life I've been sleep walking in. so now I'm addicted and catch myself starting to look at life and the people around me in different ways and in my opinion calmer ones. The book basically describes how to be at peace with yourself and how you see the world. Ya can't go wrong with that. so yeah dealing with stress is always a plus in my book.

-I went to a poetry jam last night and it was dope. I used to attend flypoet, this monthly gathering, back in the day but then I started battling the money blues and it kinda fell to the side. My writer friend was up for something new though so I had to bring it back…I invited b along and the three of us showed up and had a blast. Ya gotta love poetry slams. A plethora of actions will happen throughout the night: you're either bobbin your head with agreement, laughing with your peeps (they can say some pretty outlandish things), blushing, cat call-screaming or snappin your fingers with appreciation…I sipped some wine and learned some new stuff…let a poet impress me on stage and got straight up WOO'ED by a trumpet player named chris lowery…ya got that folks? This dude from the jazz band playing that night was frickin amazing…It didn't help that the man was beautiful...sigh lol

in all seriousness though, the band started playing and I caught my blood starting to heat up…they frickin started the show with one of my favorite mos def songs of all time…jazz band bouncin' to some hip hop? Can you say IBM?!!!

My week is just fine and dandy, calm as a cucumber nice. Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow's Friday and I like that idea a lot. I plan to get an hour long facial and a little eyebrow wax action on this weekend as well as some quality time with little ole me. my birthday is next week so I'm going to chi town with j. I frickin can't wait…can't wait to experience winter for the first time in a long time, can't wait to see the city, try new foods, laugh with my girls, shop, see wicked again…I mean it just doesn't get any better than that folks. I just wanna soak up every non-current-place of employment moment I can and enjoy this lovely life o' mine.

there's just something great bout taking things slow and enjoying what's in front of you.

update: the writer friend gave trumpet boy my number...luv and kiwi are in definite harmony today lol


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