i put 5 on it

man today was just chalk full of good stuff to laugh about!

1. i gave b a new nickname....from this day forward she will be referred to (in person) as "suga lips"...lol i had the poor girl in hysterical tears of laughter today at our place of employment. gotta love it.

2. i have a good pal named evvie who has been trying to freud/dr. laura me up for the longest time about my ability to go dumb when i see volde...he just sucks the frickin everything out of ya...i.e. it’s awkward and that’s distracting...today we were walking out of work together and we bump into him...she goes dumb in mid sentence and goes silent lol...after he passed we both started bustin’ a gut. SEE! it’s not just me! i’m cured i say!!!

3. i have a new buddy named aiden who shares my taste for every kinda music out there and we did a little ipod swap at work. oscar junior hearts aiden’s appreciation for him.

4. i thought of two really great songs about strong women waiting for some dude to call them and it made me chuckle. people try to give me the "tsk tsk" about my previous cell phone hang up but hey...if alicia keys "how come you don’t call me anymore"and jill’s "i waited for your call but you chose not to call me i wonder what happened were you inside a safe space and too i wondered were you thinking of me and if you were why was i feeling so lonely by the phone"then i can definitely rep my blog yo! ha! take that all you haters!

5. i spoke to my buddy ole pal corn today...background--corn was my homie-joined-at-the-hip bud back in college who was mr. renaissance neo soul hip hop dude...had the locs, the underground hip hop and an intense passion to be involved with everything cool. we shared some music updates. :) it was a music kinda day

...five lovely points of happiness.


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