home sweet home

ah...home sweet home.

last week i was in chicago, this weekend i went to vegas. i feel like i’ve been living out of a lovely suitcase all my life and now i’ve finally come home to my lovely life. i always wonder why we take vacations to get away only to realize how much we truly love our lives...of course you get sad when the good times (i.e. vacation bliss) ends but there’s just something about opening up your door and throwing your stuff down. mmm mmm mmmm! ain’t nothin better.

so earlier i was having issues accepting unconventional constructive criticism but now i’m all good. now i can discuss chi town and sin city properly. :)

i love the month of march...march madness, my birthday, the birth of spring...ya just gotta love it. this march was quite fun because j decided to humor with me a trip to a cold vacation extravaganza...bless her heart--she’s had months of bitter cold and still agreed to chi town. it’s a beautiful city. i felt like i could watch the people who inhabit that remarkable city for days on end...it just seems like a friendship city if that makes sense. i saw large groups of friends out and about the entire time just laughin’ it up. it’s new york with the midwest’s easy-going hospitality.

we saw wicked, ate great food (GREAT!) like gino’s deep dish, chicago-style hot dogs...the works and saw some great stuff while touring the city and walking thru the art institute. oh! we also saw horton hears a who. loved it. totally recommend it. i almost cried at the end. shut up.

the last night we were there we met up with my girl laura for some local’s neighborhood fun. we went to this nightclub, hustled our way in so that we wouldn’t have to pay and then hustled drinks all night long...lol j and i were a bit disheartened by the music (if i hear one more song about a girl shakin something i’m gonna puke. i don’t wanna get low, down, wet....none of it!) i figure my distaste for the music is a sign of respect i have for what i feed my brain...has nothing to do with the fact i’m getting older ; )

vegas was vegas lol...you get pretty, you dance, you eat good food...yadda yadda yadda. i got sick the last night and had to leave the girls at the club (it was THAT bad) and boy was i bummed. my girl met a boy that she actually would consider calling. history in the making and i was too busy crying in some taxi because the dude couldn’t hear me...i lost my voice. tishy was feeling like doodoo!

in all, my march trips were cool and i had a blast but what i love most about them is that i wasn’t miserable to come home afterwards...it was a good indicator that i’m much more happy with where my life is going...what i leave behind when i go. no more trips until the end of april (then it’s NEW YORK YO!)

here’s to birthdays that teach you to love the extraordinary getaway and appreciate the every day.


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