funny bone moments

i was exhausted last night you’ll have to forgive me...missed some funny moments had to share:

first of all never trust my ears in the car when elevation changes occur and loud music is present. case in point: we’re driving along, b mentions so and so is frank sinatra’s daughter. i ask who that is. she mumbles and i respond, "who in the heck would go by the name naked pasta?!" b looked at me crazy and then her and jennifer started bustin’ out laughing tishy. try nikka

second funny bone moment: first night at the’s loud--b and i are having a hard time communicating--we keep getting up to each other’s ears and screaming stuff...we both start alternating trying to talk to one another and BAM...we straight up kissed lol

to top it off--the heifa and i start wiggin out in front of this guy that was having a conversation with us. lol. i’m sure he was quite amused. sigh...we’re a hoot i say. five minutes of eh ahhhhh ehh ahhhh! gotta love it...

third funny moment: we’re walking down the strip and this annoying dude keeps shoving his cd in my face saying he made it all by himself and i should really take a listen...i continue walking, never faltering, and just keep saying no followed by a ’that’s nice’ all of a sudden he stops walking and yells at the top of his lungs, "and that’s why you’re whack!!!" the girls and i start busting out laughing...

apparently i’m whack lol

i don’t know maybe not so funny for ya’ll to read but i got a kick out of that mess...loony little weekend...and that’s all before cough syrup entered the picture!


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