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i mentioned in a previous blog i’m reading this book that helps one find the peace within. it’s definitely find yourself slipping away from society’s stressful grip and just allowing negative stuff to not hit as someone you like disappoints’s ok...people start to dump their negative stuff on you at learn to recognize it and let it pass... BUT at the same time i’m practicing finding peace i feel like i’m losing my sense of drama that i tap into in order to act. for a couple of weeks now i’ve felt like losing my ability to just break down in tears was gonna hurt me...the book might say maybe i don’t need to be an actress but it’ll be a looong time before supposed teachings reach my ear. lol for the time being i’d like to find a balance.

i’m thinking about all of this...flipping thru my recorded programs when i see i have some "in treatment" shows saved. i clicked, i watched and i figured out how to stay present with my self while connecting with other people...

ain’t randomness fun that way?

the show is pretty freaking amazing. i feel like i’m watching someone in my acting class battling it out in front of the’s so intimate and raw and i feel like it gets to the nitty gritty of acting. no music playing in the background to assist the audience (i.e. "oh suspenseful music....this guy must be on the verge of getting angry") it’s just two people (sometimes three) having a very intense and personal conversation. you never feel as though you as the audience are being dumped’re just observing...present in the situation if you will ; )

good show. i recommend it...if not to find the answers to your budding acting career, maybe you can watch for a dose of some free therapy ; )

-the snow falls, each flake in its appropriate place-

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