death to nokia!!!

my phone has come alive. suddenly it’s learned to mock me. i swear up and down i hear the faint whirring of a vibrating ring tone, run to it...pick it up, look it over, set it back only to do the same thing 5 minutes later. no missed calls...shake the dang phone. nada.

my cell phone will be the death of my sanity. don’t you just hate it when you really want someone to just call ya back and it’s just not happening?...i used to write poems about this ish as a pre-teen dang it! it’s the most frustrating part of dating and i really hate it...even after they’ve obviously overstepped the "it’s alright you didn’t call" threshold your silly butt still wants them to call just so you can feel rest assured you didn’t bat your eyes at one of the devil’s spawn children.

this is how absurd a gal can get. the ironic part...i totally didn’t call a guy back that wanted to go out...i just don’t enjoy talking to him calling him to tell him i’m really not interested in picking up that date gives me the heeby jeebies (i know i know...but we never went out on A date therefore i’m somewhat justified--THIS guy that hasn’t called went out with me for my birthday for pete’s sake...brought me a flower...wrote me cute texts about not being able to wait before seeing me again) last night my brain wouldn’t shut just kept playing all of the possible scenarios over and over and it wasn’t cool dude...

i had a lovely wake up call today...thomas crown (remember it’s a nickname folks) sent his evite to his house party coming up...which reminded me i’m going to new york soon to attend that house party with him and meet all of his new ny fam. a house party he decided to book because i would be in town (blush) why am i mulling over some unfinished drama when i have (have had for awhile now) a budding relationship if you will with a good guy??? as soon as my brain and emotions get on the same page i’ll let you know...part of it is the long distance thing but seriously!

ok that’s enough...just thought i’d share some single gal probs...people in relationships love to hear this makes them squeeze their loved ones closer and let out a big ole sigh of relief. :)

in other tish news i set up an appointment to audit an acting workshop for next monday. the coach is a very talented and well-known actress that is doing the darn thing and just so happens to have a bunch of big wig black directors and producer friends that drop by and search for new talent...who knows what getting into a class like that will do for me. all i know is i have to enjoy the process and i love being in class. i picked out a snazzy monologue that my dear hollywood twin julia so coldly spouted once in a movie--i’m good to go. i’m going to this monologue slam thing with some of the buddies at the end of april...the acting train is a’whistlin! all step...actual acting!

things are lookin’ up and checkin’ out!

i really hope tonight i sleep better and my whatever it is listens to my head and forgets about my sneaky little cell phone. tishy, ya gotta stop waiting by the’s callin and right now it’s not mobile.


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