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my date just ended and now i begin to pack. today was one of those great days...they just keep on coming and i just keep on embracing them. everyone at work today was so and small gifts that meant the world to me. someone actually gave me a gift card to barnes because they had seen me reading once in the cafeteria...i mean that’s the kinda stuff that makes me tear up. thoughtfulness should be appreciated way more...cuz it seriously does wonders for the recipient.

great people around was a beautiful sunny day, felt good all over and then got to go on a birthday date with this great guy that i think is just the coolest thing since sliced whole wheat bread ;) (the 100% stuff)

we went to my all time favorite burger joint in pasadena and chowed down on some hamburgers....murder burgers as he called ’em and then talked and talked and i watched and watched and watched ;) he even brought me a flower ;) old school sweetness. that’s what i’m talking about.

now i pack for more birthday goodness and love. tomorrow at the butt crack of dawn, i tish, will board a plane to go visit the best bud in chi town. mini adventures with a travel bud are a must. we’ve done the road trip across the u.s. thang, the new orleans thang, the florida, rural south and cali it’s time to hit up the second city and see what kind of great ish we can get into there.

i wish i could take b with... if you see me throwing up some weird circle thing in my pics it’s for her. had to make sure she knew we had carried her with us thru out the trip ; ) i’m gangsta like that.

so yeah that’s it. i’m about to finish packing and then i’m gonna hit the sack...that’s if i can sleep. the anticipation is killin a sista!

luv & kiwi...back to middle earth i go!!!


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