thankin’ all that thinkin’

(someone just called while i was watching the oscars) can you imagine? can you fathom it?

i had a blast watching the darn things this year because j got online and we g chatted the entire time--sharing our thoughts on speeches, who should win, etc. it was lovely :) she's the one i will take to my first oscar night so tonight was good practice for us ; ) funny enough, we've never done that before.

i did have quite a few cry moments at the beginning. you're used to that by now but sorry! i can't help it if it moves me to tears...every dream has a crowning moment...maybe you're a teacher and your first troubled kid graduates and says it's because of you. maybe you've won an award for your brilliance in writing...there's lots of them and the oscars just happen to be one of mine. (the first moment i step on a set for a movie i will be in will be the first--i'll kiss the ground) ya catch my drift though.

change is in the air. i think about acting every night before i go to bed and every morning when i wake up. some day all that thinkin' will turn into action and i'll be thankin all that thinkin!


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