the roots of my dream

sometimes if you really pay attention you notice the magic that comes from all the signs around you.

i was drawn to a book that oprah picked for her list...i've never been prompted to read a book on her fav's list before (i'm stubborn about books) but this one jumped out at me so i hopped over to barnes and got it. (a new earth). i've only read a page of it but that first page was pretty darn amazing...the first paragraph mentions flowers and their purpose on this planet. it was a sweet passage and instantly reminded me of alice walker's line about the color purple...

not even 10 minutes of having this thought a friend of mine called me up and asked me to go see the play "the color purple" with her...

i don't know if you know or not but i'm pretty much in love with that story. the film version is the reason i first said i wanted to act as a kid. i'm so happy right now! i'm sitting here in my bedroom stretching out a pair of new patent black shoes and skipping around--pain and all i'm feelin' good.

i'm coming back to the roots of my dream. i said 2008 was gonna be great. in order for that to happen i really need to focus on the signs...for goodness' sake my frickin' dental hygenist was preaching to me today about waking up every morning and visualizing being on set--imagining talking to my agent and getting the news that i got the part. she was a little manic so it really wasn't resonating while she was hacking away in my poor mouth but i'm coming around...i'm thankful i'm able to go tonight and remember just why i'm here...

i'm remembering my it's time to wake up and really watch them as they grow.


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