princess charming

man today was one of those manic happy days where sunshine was bursting from just came. no rhyme or reason.

the friend that's offering the cooking/training classes sent a flyer of the event. i passed it along to some folks i thought would really appreciate it and got some great responses back. for some reason it was just frickin' thrilling as heck to see people find something that inspires them to do something good for themselves. i totally jumped on their happiness bandwagons today.'s addicting!

so yeah i worked in between emailing and goofing off with friends all day lol...and just had some hilariously good conversations...good days for no apparent reason are the best. it was a good thing too because i had my physical today and if i wouldn't have been riding the happy train i would have been even more nervous to go.

unfortunately going in i just knew something wicked was gonna go down and it did. i got on that nasty scale and found out i gained 7 pounds...age is settin in. i flipped out and had the nurses and office ladies laughing at me ("wait let me go pee some more") sigh...then they put me in a little room and left me sitting there for 45 minutes...just enough time figure out five different ways of wearing the paper jacket they give you...making sure it doesn't fly open as you carefully reach for a magazine.

and then there's the mind you ever find yourself becoming overly conscious of EVERYTHING when faced with the dreaded physical...suddenly the number of blinks you blink in a minute become important lol...sigh i told her every weird symptom in the book but boy was i not expecting to hear that i have another stupid lump (ladies you know what i'm talking about). i hate finding out such news. i've decided not to mess up my happy day and just accept that ish happens... i have no control over what my body does and move on with it denial or what ev...i called my some perspective and i'm good to go.

physicals are snazzy aren't they? you know you're going with the sole purpose of seeing if anything's wrong...there's something pessimistically depressing about that...i suck it up anyway and do it every frickin year though.

i gotta keep the good energy flowing!

i'm about to eat some grub and watch some oprah...a little lazy pampering never hurt no one!

ah! one more thing...

i sent my taxes off today : ) i am pleased to announce that i am officially a grown kidult now. in a couple of weeks i will have paid off not only my student loan (WOOHOO!) but some other nasty debt bringing me back to the land of good. i've never felt more accomplished about a goal i stuck to. it's been YEARS of semi-discipline. lol...i've had mishaps along the way but i've learned some great lessons about debt and credit and all of that other big kid stuff your parents tried to beat into your head before throwing you into the crazy world of college living. i used to think some guy would come along and save me from my financial prisons (hey i'm just keepin it real) but i've become my own princess charming and done it myself. go team tish! it feels good feels mighty good.

so what does this mean for you tish?! well i'm glad you means the freedom to go and visit my fam and friends back home soon, take a trip (stress and guilt free) to chi town with j for my birthday and say i was the one that granted myself financial freedom. check me out!

flight home...$169

birthday celebration with best friend j in chicago $500 +

knowing you're a financial SUPASTAR...priceless

whether it be personal happiness or finance it's grand saving myself


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