pasadena day

oh happy day...

tomorrow my friends is a day worth sangin' about. not only does tomorrow mark the day i don't have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn, it also represents one day out of the month i lovingly refer to as "pasadena day". oh yes, i nimbly leap from my bed on such days and bounce around like it's my birthday or something.

last time i went i kinda got my eyebrow skin ripped off (can we say double wammy pain--one for the physical boo boo and one for the confused stares i bare from peeps passin' by) BUT that's all in the past...i sent her a text and she felt horrible so she's doing this one for free which means the catepillars are removed for zero pesos and i get a free masage. the woman is a saint.

this is good that i'm so excited because seriously i haven't been excited about anything (nada!) for a bit now. i swear the minute i got the darn cold i've lost all senses goes beyond thinking all food is is boring me to tears, i don't have the energy to work out so physical stuff doesn't thrill my tired bones too much, tv can't even get me. i just finished watching that documentary i discussed previously, "african american lives 2" and i hardly batted an eye. (i don't know if you've caught on yet but i'm a sensive lassie...i blubber cry over just about anything)

thank you pasadena for giving me a little something. i went to the eye doc today to get some new specs and not even my cutie pie eye doc could stir me up. i'm counting on pasadena damn it.

one side note question. so i'm reading a book about roots and tracing & tracking family so obviously i'm curious as to my own. i come from some bougie people that don't really share the past with me too much (this is problematic in more ways than you know--don't ever tell a mixed chick you're not really down to tell her about her black side) i asked my gram today about my granny. she's gettin' up there...born at the turn of the century which means her mother was probably the daughter of someone affected by slavery in some way...i ask my grandmother this and she replies back with "no granny's grandma wasn't a slave."...that's it. that's all i got out of her. so here's the that rude to ask?! am i not supposed to be able to ask my family members such questions? gram's mad at her darling tishy that's for sure. the woman usually can't stop writing emails--i got a 6 word response and then the cold shoulder for the rest of the day. oops...

ok i'm going into coughing hysteria now so i'm gonna practice the quick peace out now. happy pasadena day eve! i'll let you know if the gram lets up at all ; )


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