i seriously got a personality shake today.

i've been the queen of complaints lately: i've complained about body ailments i've picked up due to faulty attempts at working out correctly lol, weird books i'm reading, annoying folks at work...i've just been a sour apple and i just got really sick of listening to my mouth so i came into work today vowing not to complain...

(turns out the book i was complaining about has a small chapter on complaining...hint taken)

when i took the time to stop complaining interesting things started poppin up. the guy that usually annoys the crap out of me at work suddenly wasn't so annoying...i got some great laughs out of the dude today. i came home...cleaned up the mess i was too sore to deal with before (since i decided not to complain about my body aches i didn't pay attention to them as much and accomplished quite a bit)

the best part of all though would have to be the two phone calls i've received tonight...the first being from a guy friend of mine out here, chris, who just got a call back on an awesome film opportunity. the guy was seriously at the right place at the right time and met the right people that fell in love with his cute little behind...he was jumping off the walls with excitement and wanted me to help him go over lines and prepare for tomorrow's audition...seriously that's the coolest thing that's happened to me in a really long time. it's cool knowing someone out there values my opinion and ability to help in an area i'm passionate about. the dude is out gettin' a fade lol...bruthas. after that though it's on... i'm about to hook him up for real! tonight is operation get the guy a job! this is the closest i've come to acting activities in a really long time...i'm flying with it!!!

after that i started jibber jabbering with my writer friend who i haven't spoken to in many moons... we caught up on life...she's got some great opportunities in the writing world happening and so it's time to career chat is on the books and possibly some dating horror stories...the best thing you can do is go out for drinks with a comedy writer...her dating stories are HILARIOUS

so what has the queen of now wishful thinking learned? dropping your "me me mentality" is the way to go. i had to shut up so that i could really hear the good things going on in my people's lives. my boy chris (brian if we're keepin him in character) was excited as heck when he left...this could be one of those pivotal moments in life where everything changes for him. the same goes with the writer...the strike did some damage but she seriously embraced the change... i love living vicariously thru these folks...keeps me busy and creates my own little profound changes while waiting for the bigguns : )

basically it's namaste: i bow to the divine in my friends. this week i'm all about that!


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