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The namaste challenge:

So I've been watching for the divine in others. it seriously brought me so much joy to write this...

My cousin is currently in Europe walking the streets of Milan with beautiful people and eating beautiful food…just cuz. She didn't need to get away…had no business reason for going…just saw an opportunity to get there, took it and ran…how inspiring is her life freedom and gumption?! How many women do you know that could just leave the country alone like that? I can count 'em in my hand.

My writer friend is breaking down relationships in the most comical of ways…don't you just love perspectives that are fresh and light? Everyone goes thru their crack heads but victimizing yourself is a trap that even I fell into at one point…identifying with being a "dumper or dumpee" instead of realizing you're just floating along in the river of "everyone goes thru this mess" is swell and she's the queen of swell right now

B is going back to college and is taking some pretty interesting classes…gotta love my educated sistas in the game!

My mom loved eat pray love so much she's going to the library to learn more about yoga…makes my heart swell because she's been confused in regards to the spaces she's creating in the world. This could turn into a great passion…

My dad sent me a valentine that just arrived at my job today…perfect example of how silly that one day's power can get…getting that kind of stuff just randomly is grand. The love gift included yummy chocolate I have to wait to eat and a dora the explorer card that says, "a heart for you, un Corazon para ti" lol…no my dad does not speak Spanish…the complete and udder randomness of it made my heart giggle.

Fat's fiasco: my best guy buddy hadn't been responding to emails at work so I hit him up via text and asked him what was up…turns out he had some funky little sickness thing I'd rather not embarrass him with by explaining to the world lol…I teased him for awhile and we laughed and goofed…he ended our little chat with abuelos 3 months…his excitement for this place we always go to was and is totally mutual and that excitement was lovely to behold. There's just something about being a part of a friendship that thrives off of the excitement of hanging with the other person. mutual love of shared space…sigh gotta love it

j's life this week also put a smile on my face. she recently created a dream board and seriously the stuff she's putting on that sucker is popping up left and right. she wanted to move forward as an editor at her mag she currently works for so what happens? one guy has to take a leave of absence, her boss, THE editor has to travel so she's given the responsibility of basically finishing and sending off the march issue and she does it...with minimal over time...we all have that superstar career woman we look up to...she makes her work look effortless and it's always top notch...she totally deserves a spot on cashmier mafia or any of those other shows about tiger ladies who look fabulous while running the world.

And my favorite character delight for the week (drum roll….)

Drew Barrymore…yes I realize I don't know her…we're not good buds lol BUT I read an article about her in vogue and something in her just resonated with me. the article discusses a new film she just wrapped on that required her to practice method acting…she immersed herself in the character. She cut herself off from everyone in her life…got rid of her blackberry etc. and just lived off of nothing socially for months to basically get into the mind of this woman and it gave her this amazing perspective...that passion she has is so admirable. I mean she's hollywood's in her blood and she's been making blockbuster hits for years...fluffy feel good films maybe but still, she doesn't have to prove anything anymore. (i see this mentality take shape in many a good actor) not ms drew though. she's established but she still is respectful and hard working on sets…actors love her, directors worship her. I think I'm just delighted and surprised by her work ethic and her honest love for the craft. That and she said something about finding herself in this character…she said she never felt like a woman. (um sound familiar?!!!) she always felt like a little girl and this role showed her who she was in some weird cosmic way and helped her become a woman

i fell in love with her…

I don't know how this namaste challenge is doing it, but man it feels great to find out beautiful things about other people! There is a catch to my cheerful optimism for all of you Debbie downers out there…it's not like I can pull an anne frank and find the good in everyone lol…but that's the fun are always better when they're random and unexpected.


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