leap year

it's leap day; a day symbolizing correction.

i spent it unconsciously searching out some profound change...searched the newspapers and internet sites, sought out conversations with non present people and just couldn't quite find whatever it is i needed to. i see the things needing correction but the answers aren't as easy to spot.

they say when you're on the right path the world opens up for you with overwhelming abundance...in the meantime you'll receive little signs that let you know you're swimming in the right direction...maybe that's what i was searching for. 2008 is the year i marked as a biggin...i'm just searching for those signs.

do you know how crazy you have to be to search to find just the question? i watched beautiful girls tonight...it was a random pick. i don't even know how it ended up in my netflix queue but there it appeared. the antagonist in the film goes to his proverbial home town in order to both make sense and run away from the problems he's created in his life...it was a good little film...packed with quotes that helped him find himself. i'm thinking i can't wait for my trip home in may...although i don't know how beneficial it will be considering my parents no longer live where i grew up...we'll just see when we see.

in other whimsical news, leap year is supposedly the day where women can propose to men and if the man refuses they have to buy the woman something...the consolation prize depending on what country they happen to get popped the question. that was the one piece of information i learned about today in my many searches that led to a laugh.

it's an uncanny day created by uncanny mathematical geniuses that should result in uncanny events...

sadly my mind's a blank. no life lessons today


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