introducing mr. crown

i'm not big on discussing specific relationship details in this little ole blog of mine but i felt today's events definitely merited an exception to the rules...

a little back story if you will: so before i left the good ole midwest to move out here i started dating this guy. we got along great...had some pretty interesting conversations, chemistry was there...all that good stuff but we both knew going in that he would be leaving for law school on the east coast shortly and i would be moving to the west coast so we kind of left it at that and went about our separate ways...always catching up a bit thru email here and there but nothing special.

then something just clicked a couple of months ago and we started gettin' closer, talking about our pasts, some miscalculations, misinterpretations...lots of misses basically and things just rebooted. so we've been talking for a bit now and while it's been great he still lives there and i still live here so i'd always supress my giddiness and all that jazz. i've discussed him with 'the squad' for months...j even came up with a clever nickname for him--the black hugh grant (BH for short) but alas he's not feeling hugh. he does have an affinity for thomas crown though so by george for the first time ever in the history of a tish blog, someone actually gets to determine what their nickname will be! (thomas crown--the oh-so-smooth, handsome, charming, clever man. we'll call him tc for short)

now i can begin with the story. well if you would have spoken to me this morning you would have realized that valentines day just isn't my day...even when i've been in relationships i've always buckled under the pressure of what the day just seems like a lot of people weighed down by the impressions they want the world to see. it's never about two people that actually care for each other and just have one more silly reason to express whatever it is they's about shirley sitting in cubicle 109 who always gets a ridiculously disgusting display of tacky stinky flowers and has to show the world that someone loves her...and p.s. everyone else is lame because their boos didn't get them roses in the shape of a giant heart that could hang on the head of the kentucky derby horse.

so yeah i was annoyed today in the office...especially being that a dear friend of mine lost her husband recently and doesn't need to see that shameless crap. i made the best of it...but in no way, shape or form, did i imagine that i would be bamboozled...hoodwinked into learning a great lesson about v day and what else it can mean.

so i'm sitting down listening to a coworker complain about how her boyfriend hasn't called or gotten her anything--she's pretty ticked, my phone's the security desk downstairs telling me i have a pick up...i ask if they have the right number, confused i walk downstairs and pick up my adorable little gift--roses and carnations with a box of chocolate and the best part of all...a card that reads "just because, love TC". i started to get a bit choked up. my heart swelled basically and everyone downstairs in the visitor lobby saw it.

i enjoy being cynical on single awareness day. i feel like the holiday has gotten out of control but that seriously brought me back. kickin' it old school! when you take all the crappy self promotion out of the equation you get a day where you can tell the people you care most about in life why they're so swell and that's not a bad thing. this man had NO clue what my work address was and used every law trick in the book to research and seek me out...even got me involved--i was totally clueless (hence bamboozled and hoodwinked). the sheer thought and care he put into doing something like it was touching ok?!

after work i grabbed some chipotle cuz that sounded like the perfect love meal and then went home and chatted with tc for a bit--thanking him profusely for the most sincere act of cuteness i think i've ever witnessed and then i jetted out to the movies to meet up with b and her sis. we grabbed some chai tea and watched 27 dresses...the perfect movie to see with your girls. we laughed and joked thru the whole thing and just enjoyed each other's company...i get the valentines thing now...the part where you go along with any excuse to celebrate the luvs in your life. (privately and humbly)

it was a nice little aha moment. today ended up being nice--unexpected for sure. people flipped the script on me...and i did a little flippin back.

now there's a new character in this here ole blog...ain't life grand?


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