i voted...and forgot to brush

two things to report today: one that's kinda gross and stank and i just thought i'd share cuz i'm on a total meds high, plus i started that whole "tell the truth" bit so i've unleashed the hounds and the other's just plain funny...

so which one first? oh the anticipation builds...i'll just go chronologically how bout those apples? so i got up this morning feeling like a big fat wanker (still sick, still have balloon head, still want to stab a straw in my nose and see if that alleviates some of the pressure)...i got ready like normal but noticed i wasn't taking nearly as much time as i usually do which is weird cuz i'm seriously on turtle time lately...i get into my car, i drive away, i hit the busy busy freeway and poof! it hits me what i forgot to do...brush my stinkin teeth. now mind you i'm THE most anal person about oral care...i seriously contemplated turning around and going home...i was 10 minutes from work, an hour away if i turned around...i just wimpered to myself and vowed not to speak towards anyone...that's THE worst thing you can possibly do man...

how horrible is that?! what kind of cold is this!? when you no longer remember to clean yourself you've got issues...i've brushed my teeth since returning home : )

and now for the hilarious bit. so i voted (wooo hooo!) and it was swell and great. it was at this lovely senior citizens home lol...moving quite quickly, (imagine). i was just in the mood to be a part of history so i bounced into the building (look for me on channel 4 news the camera man got me) and stood in line to wait my turn. there was this sola chick in front of me and when she made it to the front they asked her if she was voting democrat or republican and she seriously didn't want to say lol...turns out she's a republican (shouldn't be no shame in yo game honey!) but it was funny watching her wiggle and squirm : ) it's the primary election duh...(funny enough, i still managed to go to the republican side until a cute little old lady guided me to my beautiful proper booth--i blame the meds) hee hee.

republicans squirming...hee hee. well i thought it was funny.

anyways that's my day and i'm sticking to it. peace i'm out!


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