cadem = california democrat

clever eh? got it from my primary election cheat sheet book.

i took the day off today for an audition i have at 1 pm. i've just been chillin all morning and it's been nice. a little cinnamon with my coffee, a little reading for the vote next tuesday. i'm being a responsible cali citizen finally. i will actually vote in this state. check me out! i've never been what you'd call passionate about politics. i grew up in a household that openly loathed politicians, but this year politicians are making some interesting history and i'm genuinely inspired. go team!

as for the audition, i had a couple of conversations with God last night and this morning...not necessarily to give me the job, but more to be strong and remember that everything happens when it's supposed to... made sure to point out that i feel ready though ;)

auditions are so interesting for me. they're kind of an out of body experience...i don't know what i think about most of the time, i go in, do what i'm supposed to do and leave. today i'm feeling different. i feel like i own my day more if that makes any sense. i'm looking at this as a job and not giving it this HUGE significant fork in the road but more so another sign that i'm on the right path and to keep on truckin'. it's time to be a grown A woman and look at all of this with a fresh new perspective. my life deserves that.

i was told i have to come looking just like one of my headshots which means straight hair. i'm also supposed to look trendy lol...if anyone knows me they know i don't do trendy all that well. i had to call b last night and ask her to work her magic. she picked out a green outfit for me that i love...kiwipower for sure! j called me her little buritto today (with black beans and green chilis) which is fitting because i'm wearing green and black lol...boy can she call it. don't ask...we're just weird like that.

ok so i've had my coffee, i know which propositions to vote no on, the hair is straight... i'm good to go for morning mental and physical activities.

i'm a bit nervous but a little nervous energy is good for the soul ; )


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