cabin fever!

i'm going crazy!

friday night i felt the tickle in my throat...i should have known I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN but alas i woke up saturday morning and was shocked that i couldn't move my body was so sore and i felt like an elephant had one leg resting on my chest. nice...

i've been in bed for three days....THREE DAYS and ya'll i'm going crazy. i can't watch one more movie...i'll just go batty. lets count all the fun i missed over the weekend:

1.) i couldn't go to my friend's surprise birthday party

2.) i was too sick to go to an obama convention...michelle obama, oprah, stevie wonder and caroline kennedy were speaking on his behalf...are you kidding me!!!

3.) superbowl party...yes i layed in bed, fell asleep thru part of it (that's just blasphemy!) and cried to j that i wanted to eat meat.

4.) fourth and most important: I HAVEN'T EATEN ANYTHING FOR THREE DAYS!!! i'm going looney. yesterday i fantasized about eating a huge fat cheeseburger. sadly when you don't have tastebuds or a sense of smell your appetite goes away...weird huh?

so there's that...i wanted to lose a dress careful what you ask for. and seriously i need not complain about not getting enough rest cuz seriously i loath my bed right about now...damn prison of boredom !

sorry...lets just chalk this one up to cabin fever. no woman should be locked up in the house like this...viruses are beasts i say!


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