boot camp kicked my arse

2.17.2008 to help a dear friend of mine out who's starting a new chapter of her life i allowed myself to become a test dummy for this workshop type of thing she recently created. basically you take a cooking class with this really great chef...he teaches you how to do everything...even the proper way to hold a knife and cut at an angle resting the knife against your fingers at a slant so you don't cut skills are profound...i am bad. lol

it was a blast and i felt so much better after i found out that the two phenomenal women taking the class with me couldn't cook a lick either and are brilliant career women, married and doing the darn thing. point for women like me.

people...i made veggie lasagna with fresh herbs that i cut up with my very own hand and knife...made my own sauce...wheat noodles...i was on fire. we watched him prepare salad dressing too...did you know that caeser dressings have anchovies in them?!!! they do!

anywho after the cooking class (complete with chef smock ya'll) we had to run to this park where we do the bootcamp section of the workshop. you have to do that one run where the person from the back has to sprint to the front..i killed it and secretly patted myself on the back for all the 5 am cardio work outs i've been doing....i patted too soon though.

the trainer woman WORE ME OUT! i started off strong with backwards running...lunges (bunches of those bad boys--AND they included holding a medicine ball and twisting with the damn thing) but then we started doing arm workouts and the fact that i had only had cereal for breakfast caught up with my behind...i started getting dizzy and wibbly and i went down hill from there lol. she had us doing this superman crunch where you lay flat and raise your stinkin legs up and hold that mess until she says down...i was a fool...screaming and whining and grunting trying to do it...while these older than me women were kicking my butt...secretly patting themselves on the back that they had short strong muscles.

i made it thru that ridiculous mess but i'm still exhausted 4.5 hours later. i came home, ate an apple, granola bar and some yogurt and passed the heck out...and the only reason i ate was because she told me i had to. i guess the workout burned around 700 FLIPPIN calories so unless i wanted to plummet and pass out, never to return to the land of the living i had to grub.

now that i'm rested and fed life's a little better. i know i have a long hard road ahead of me trying to get in shape...i swear i thought me gettin on that treadmill would help but noooooo. sniff.

this class was amazing though and i totally recommend it for folks who live in the la area. i believe she'll offer a 6 wk class but that's still being worked out. if you're interested lol...after i just gave you a fine description of hell, then let me know. jokes aside, i seriously love the idea of creating a strong body and frankly knowing how to cook is always a good thang...i learned how to cook for one...that's beautiful...practical and necessary

i've just finished cleaning my stinkin abode and i've grocery shopped for the week (bring on the whole wheat tortillas and other healthy goodies!!!) now i think i'm gonna read and watch some netflix goodness (half nelson)

ya''s been a very interesting weekend. i didn't want to do anything i did this weekend (with the exception of the color purple) but it all ended up adding to the weird goofy yet fun life i call my own. don't you just love when you learn such things?


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