assumption for 300 please

ahhh assumptions...what are they really? are they helpful, harmful, productive, counterintuitive?

i'm really trying to go with the flow and practice that new "secret" mentality that deals with the law of attraction but sometimes you just have to keep it real and realize we can't always exist in a zen-like state. i'm not creating bad vibes by questioning someone's intentions…i'm sorry but i can't control another human being lol…

i'm constantly analyzing gestures in my head; why did he do that? why did she give me that? what does it really mean?

i usually keep these kind of questions to myself (well unless you count discussing them with my trusted pal j) but i'm wondering if that's such a good idea. maybe i should start asking people about their intentions they meant for the gift/email/phone call…

wouldn't it save some sanity in the end? funny story that proves a point:

so an ex and i had this funny story. my version included him leaning over and kissing me on our first date…come to find out years after, he was just trying to hug me goodnight and i swooped in for the point lol. intentions…i have one idea in my head, someone else has another and they can get all kinda mixed up—creating somewhat embarrassing moments.

all i know is i thought someone's gesture meant something positive...i assumed it meant progression was the key…looking back at it now it could have just meant "hey keep up the good work".

assumptions…i feel like an arse already. to celebrate my epiphany i bullied my boy d into watching a netflix pick, half nelson, with me. we got some lottery tickets (alas i did not win guys) and grabbed some grub from whole foods and had a nice little bougie night.

: ) sometimes all you need to do is surround yourself with straight shooter friends. it takes you to a completely different place...the kind of places we're better off being at/in


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