this blogs for her

There's just something about my interactions with my best bud that keep me going..she's the energizer bunny of good vibes and gosh darn it this blogs for her!

As a kid I remember being cursed with the gift of "threes a crowd". Every friend I had, had a best friend also so there was always three, always someone favoring one thus pitting one against the other…it seriously sucked and I couldn't wait to find a best friend that didn't play silly games.

Lucky for me, i moved to Missouri and ran into this goofy redhead in my gym class—the only girl that didn't sit around asking me to say certain words with a twang ( I was the token texas kid). We've been joined at the brain ever since.

It is uncanny how close j and i are. I realize there's no such thing as someone that can be everything to someone but she comes pretty darn close...the distance thing deters us a bit but it's minute. I like having someone I can tell everything to, someone who listens to my guy gripes, giggles at my often nerdy jokes, seems to be on the same emotional rollercoaster at the very same times that I am…it's grand! we know the ins and outs of each others' ticking brains which comes in handy when you're in mixed company.

B and I were just discussing today that society brainwashes us into believing our spouses are supposed to be our everything…if you can find such a spouse then you're a lucky lucky person but most aren't. That's when ya have to realize having a best bud is the perfect win win situation…unconditional love and support times two (if you're hitched that is)

I was watching an episode of satc the other day. one of the ladies asked the gang if they could be each others' soul mates and let the guys be a bonus. I'm guessing there are others out there that can relate to my friend luv chats.

I think there should be a national friend day personally…Trust that when I make it she gets a HUGE shout out on oscar night for being so great!

Gracias j"red", "one" and j "that'swhat'sup". You're just swell and "I value your friendship!!!"


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