spotted dick

don't you love outragious subject titles that draw your readers in?

i found this little coffee shop in my neighborhood today with bree that is owned by this cute little english woman. she serves beans on toast and nutella and has a shelf of english goods that you couldn't find at your local grocery spot, including some can of something called spottted dick. cheeky english folk...i tell ya what

i woke up promptly this morning at 7 am and decided i'd go on a hike. it about killed my arse...2 months of nada can hurt a sista! i was seriously thanking my lungs for holding out.

after that i was just inspired to be out so i went to the farmer's market and had a blast...bought fresh flowers, two huge ginormous tomatoes that are beautiful...were (i've just devoured one as a snack) and some blood oranges...mmm. i love the farmer's market...the people that flock to it are uber cool looking, the cool yuppy hippies....yippies if you will. it's great.

by the time i was down with the market it was 9 am lol so i decided to text a bud (she probably hated me this morning) and had her come out and have java with me (hence the english coffee shop mentioned previously) so we went. i had a chai tea yummy blend thingy and some yogurt,fruit granola mix. we sat in the window and people watched and listed out some creative ideas for a gift i'm working on. it was a really great morning i must say.

i feel like i've done a ridiculous amount of things today and it's only 4. now it's time to clean up the ole room and chill for the rest of the day...let the good times marinate.

p.s. i saw p.s. i love you again lol...if you haven't seen that movie yet you really should. it's swell.


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