split second on the tube

part 1 of my quick and fleeting appearance on the young and the restless aired today. ah so humbling to see a poof of hair and then a POOF of gone lol...it's all so humbling.

last night i went to a club down on sunset for some actor's birthday party...ne-yo was there....among other short little men sitting up in v.i.p. while the girls waited patiently for a finger nod. it's all so humbling...everyone says that i have to get out and network, meet people but that's dating ish...no guy in the industry that hangs in the clubs is looking to talk business. i had short little self-important men lookin at me like i was just one of the gals...this is a man's world

all i know is oprah wasn't partaking in bottle service to get ahead...or julia lol...i think i'll have to reserve dancing and such for friend enjoyment purposes only...

leave the acting break thrus to my little baby steps i have going on right now.


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