sound the trumpets

my last blog still has me feeling like all of this bloggin busy is silly and unnecessary but the silly unnecessary girl in me just has to point out that today is the 1 year anniversary of me being voldemort void (aka single)

i was sitting in a staff meeting yesterday and someone said something about the 19th and it just clicked. trumpets sounded. this is momentous news for a terrible serial monogamist like myself...used to be i'd jump from one mistake to another BUT i have broken the cycle. a year is impressive. i know there are some silly mortals that thought i'd go back to my old ways. gloria gaynor said it best i believe when she belted out an assured "no not i!"

so what will i do to celebrate? well i'm glad you asked that my friend. i think i just might revel in more single-ness. i got up this morning and went for a hike, then went to the grocery store and treated myself to a lovely naked green machine drink and now i think i'm gonna clean up my bedroom and then go back and forth on watching the ku vs mu basketball game. do i really want to drive all the way to frickin hollywood (15 minutes) to sit in a bar with a bunch of ku peeps? hmmm.

happy 1 year anniversary tishy

ps. if you think this is a happy blog you're whack


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