sliding doors

i'm sitting here on this grey sunday doing what i seem to do best...chillin in my bed watching flicks. sliding doors just happens to be on and yet again the issue of fate has popped into my noggin.

last night i went over to b's to watch premonition. her fam and her kept questioning choices made that they assumed changed the ending when i thought the theme was no matter what you do it's gonna end up as it should be.

same thing basically happened in this movie (yes, this was my first time seeing it and i only caught the last 20 minutes so i may be off a bit but i'm thinking i'm pretty much right).

for some reason i know my big whatever will happen no matter what...that being said or typed, i'll still have my big whatever even though this rain that i so loved only hours ago caused the film set i was supposed to go and dilly dally on tomorrow to close down. i'm a little bummed but i know what will be will be...sigh. i'm preparing to visit chicago in march for a dual birthday celebration with j...this just gives me one more day of vacation time...vacation time. this i'm so far away from where i want & need to be.

cursin' the rain & fate...i guess there's always a first time for everything though.


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