poetic necessity

ah to have poetic necessities...

a good chai or cinnamon tea, a lazy saturday afternoon complete with a cardigan and chucks, movies at the arc and good books . these are the days of my lives.

i was supposed to be an extra on a movie set today but alas i never got that omnipotent email giving time and location. it has become a weekend of acting oh no's. the young and the restless called thursday but alas i've decided i 'm not gonna become the background allstar. i met people on set that have been doing it for years and i don't want to get sucked in . i kindly explained to the casting director that i can't really take off a lot for background work but the bosses would be much more easy going if i was to take off for lets say an actual speaking part lol. (fascinate the greats in 2008 remember) i can't really be all that fascinating chillin upstage.

poetic necessities continued...meaningful work, a dvd player that comes with a remote control...what was i thinking with this little cheap thing?! and the knowledge that one day i'll have my darling little female bulldog (preferably a french one with bat ears) named petunia. my friends' puppy snafus have been scaring the crap out of me but i still think petunia would make an excellent poetic pleasure : )


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