partial realization

ok so i've somewhat figured out part of the funk. others may think i'm not husslin enough..that i'm not huffin but honestly i was doing a lot for me...have been for the last three years i've lived out's just been an intense period and now that my body is saying slow the heck down and do nothing i feel guilty and weird.

j was telling me a story and listing some of my accomplishments since moving out here and it was making me feel better and i didn't know if it was vanity for her braggin or what. deep down i just needed a list that would allow me to feel ok that i was sittin on my laurels for a bit.

i'm gonna eat good fatty food, i'm not gonna work out hard core like i was until i feel up to it and i'm not gonna bug my agent for awhile.

that's it. thought i'd share.


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