no witnesses to my doings

Whenever I'm lucky enough to be enraged but still cognizant I reach for chocolate…thank you psych 101 for teaching me the many powers of serotonin!

So yeah I'm eating a piece of dove chocolate and the stinker fortune they print in the inside of every wrapper says, "there's no excuse not to dream". I just want to crumple that stupid little piece of paper up and stick it up the writer's behind right now. Funny enough the next wrapper says "you look good in red"…what about you look good red? …I'm just plain ole angry today. I have a fowl nasty disposition and basically I'm just gonna sit here and boil and I don't care a rat's arse if I rub off on anyone.

I just don't get. Why do I only get to be happy about 1/3's of my life right? (my friends are the best) but that's seriously all I've got right now. (friends, career and family complete the equation, in case you were wondering) it's ALWAYS been that way too. I'm sooooo tired. I'm just tired. I feel like the little girl from the exercist right now…I just wanna spew all over the world lol. ew. Ok maybe not but it sounded good writing.

Either the chocolate is working or the lure of actually doing work at my actual job that I'll probably be at forever and ever amen is starting to sink in. sigh. Nothing substantial…I'm just a girl eating chocolate at a job that only pays attention to her when they need a stupid printer fixed…there are no witnesses to my doings.


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