new perspective

i've had a couple of days off and i swear i've been way in my head. too much. to the point where i've started scowering the internet for some sort of entertainment to take my mind off the fact that i can't decide/do anything lately. it's so odd...i can't get up and DO anything...lethargic hermitting is never a good thing.

it's so odd...i finally got out today (that sounds so sad lol) to get my hair cut and for the first time i was gassin the stylist for stories...i just needed to hear someone talk and tell me something other than what was in my head (this was a first for me...usually i just want them to hush it while i zen out but hey new year, new tude) so anyways the lady tells me how she had a coworker read her 'the beans'...that same thing my gram had done to me as a kid. i started cracking up that someone out there knew...and didn't think of me or my gram as crazy. i was delighted.

i'm sipping cinnamon spiced tea and the container says it'll give me a new perspective. when did caffeinated beverages became so mysical? i'm seriously gonna take a back seat for awhile. i'm not really in the mood to figure out what's going on in that noggin of mine...i'm hoping this isn't the onset of depression lol. can someone be lazy and whatever without cause?

i'm just chalking it up to too many couch hours, crummalicious sleep and no good flicks to watch.

go figure. earlier i debated whether or not to straighten my hair but i don't feel like putting in the beauty effort...i've debated going on set with a friend to watch a will ferrell film being made next monday...but i can't see the purpose. yep...i'm hittin the blahs. any advice on how to stop it from hittin?

drink your tea high fidelity (oogle your boo jack black). realize it's ok that you being single sucks and end this blog.

tomorrow's the first day back at work. i need to wake up early...get back into a routine...join a frickin gym do something. maybe go to san diego this weekend and hang with mr olympics lol...and if i see ONE MORE eharmony commercial i'm gonna throw up in my mouth...darn cable.


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