i may have been in some weird uber girl funk as of late but you're a silly fool if you think you could leave my page without getting an actual blog of substance on a day like today.

the essential question asked today was, "what did you do to celebrate the man with the dream". my response is, "i cried".

back in college i had a good friend that dj'ed for the university radio station. on mlk day i'd follow him into the studio and sit on the floor with tons of records helping him decide what songs to play, what questions to pose to encourage listener dialog. it was great stuff. i felt like i was really apart of the community, commemorating one of the most significant american legacies we have as a people.

unfortunately, i don't have access to the radio waves anymore but this year i felt it all the same. i can't lie, the day started out in true tish fashion. i had a gang of movies and shows to catch up on so i did just that...chatted with friends, asked them what they were doing to commemorate, etc. but then i turned on oprah and watched the special she had on and that's when the tears came. i took a moment to sit back and think about that beautiful struggle that led to the freedoms i have today...i wouldn't be here if weren't for people like mildred jeter and richard perry loving (loving v virginia--look it up), rosa, emmitt till's mama, dr. king...

we as media driven nuts tend to search and seek the worst in society....we know just how corrupt and out of control our communities are--the gravity of it all overshadows other positives in many instances. when was the last time you saw a hopeful headline on the cover page of your town's newspaper?

days like today remind you to fight to see the positive...heck to make the positive... this time last year i'd write that we lack the leadership we had back then...but this is a new year with leaders poppin out of the wood work (thank you God for men like barack obama...) all hope isn't lost...and that is why i cried. my great grandma can see first hand that what her, her friends and her family struggled for was not in vain.

happy belated birthday mlk

a couple of suggestions off the top of my head if you're feeling the knowledge bug :

growing up x

incidents in the life of a slave girl


i dream a world

to kill a mockingbird

(film: eyes on the prize)

any of langston hughes poems

or just google the mess out of the civil rights era...if you want to know where you're going you first have to know where you've been...that applies to and for everyone.


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