a lesson

have you ever read the book, a lesson before dying? it's this powerful story written by ernest j. gaines that deals with a black man on trial. i can remember reading it as a high school kid and being haunted by the story...the tragedy and pain. you'd think i would have kept that in mind when i chose to watch a film i found in netflix called the autobiography of jane pittman--a movie based off of the book also written by mr. gaines.

the film quality is definitely circa '73 (i apologize cicely) but the story is just as powerful--just as haunting. i wonder why we don't have stories being written like this anymore...

i guess it's just a "watch something decent" kinda day cuz i'm recording a series on pbs tonight called "african american lives" that discusses dna testing--finding one's history and thus one's identity...how that changes a person once they know.

i feel like this movie i'm watching is another kind of background check. (just in case you don't have the cash right now to participate in some good ole fashioned double helix fun.)

sometimes i forget to tap back in...i was watching oprah today and she had guests on discussing shallow needs in our lives. i feel like living in los angeles makes it just that much easier to get caught up in the flashing lights folks seem to be rappin' about today...the show and this film helped me remember that there are much more important things in life for women (sorry boys i can't speak for ya'll) to think about and strive towards.

do i possess wisdom, courage, do i live a life that the women who came before me respect, admire and approve of...i hope so.

at the end of the movie you learn so many wonderful things about miss jane's strength...her similarities to the sister oak if you will...makes you wanna rethink wearing the pants that show off your booty to get some boy's attention...setting your self standards high right?

if you haven't seen this film yet i strongly encourage you to. it's not every day you watch characters on the tele that reminds us there's something great inside each and everyone of us...

now that we have the choice to make historical decisions in terms of who our next leader will be it's more important than ever to figure out what's important and where we fit within that question.


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