last of the mohicans

i'm currently chillin in my bedroom with the radio blasting to the beats of talib...trying my hardest to drown out the sounds of infidelity coming from the room across the way.

not all love is wasted on the wrong though.

so my grammama friend sent me a text this morning saying we needed to talk soon...i've heard that one too many times lol i knew immediately that was code for "i'm engaged....AHHHH!" so i called her little behind and confirmed the good news. lol...i could feel the girl cheesin thru the phone.

seriously i'm rollin' up on being the last one...the single gal of the group and therefore the scary girl guys fear. lol. i couldn't help myself...had to do a little experiment with guy friends today just to see if my theory would ring true.

hypothesis: if female mentions to male that female's friend is getting married and female is the last one in her group, aforementioned male will begin to sweat and change subject immediately. he is aware that such chitter chatter may lead to girl drama...girl drama being anything from crying, "hold me", marry me, etc. male avoids any and all drama.

so i tell three of my male friends the good news. two say "hey that's cool" and then immediately begin to talk about other subjects (obama and music lol nice...they know these subjects will easily side track me) one guy friend gets brave and says "well what about you? you datin' anyone"...i say "na not really, i'm the last of the mohicans" he then asks me if i've seen juno. lol...

i haven't yet ; )


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