girl power

a while back i did this phenomenal workshop with a dear friend of mine that helped put me in focus mentally speaking. it reminded me to be thankful of the person i am and the person i strive to be. at the end of the work shop we had to put all of these goals in a calendar-activities if you will-that would help us out more. one of my goals was to start back up my slumber party nights with my gal pals. last night was my first official slumber party of the new year and it was awesome. : )

the day was just great...i woke up and worked out, hung with my girl on melrose, made the most interestingly moist cupcakes i've ever produced and then the night began...

i had a small group this time--all strategically invited because they're all so different and don't really know each other. i figured it can't hurt to learn new perspectives and learn new people ; )

we all ate yummy bad-for-us pizza, had some cupcakes (they were really brave for scarfin those things down), and then we got to business. pj's were a must and with faces freshley washed we put on our masks and parked our behinds in front of the living room tv to begin watching flicks. the movies ended up being interesting choices "lovely & amazing" i wouldn't recommend for slumber about neurotic women...(you want to empower at these types of things remember) lol...all in all it was great though and everyone seemed to have a good time.

after the last of the girls left this morning i started the clean up process and then had some time to reflect on the good times. if you haven't noticed my energy levels have been boo boo lately...a night like that was JUST what i needed to recharge my batteries...i could have done without the 6th cupcake and the 4th slice of pizza but whatev.

sometimes i do the most random things that end up helping me out so much...when i made the goal to have more slumber parties never in a million years did i think i'd need them for sanity purposes...just thought i could use the fun...but need it i did and enjoy it i most certainly did.

big shout out to my best bud j too...maybe it was her contagious birthday spirit that drifted out here to the west coast, who knows, but i got the best kick in the pants : ) i totally recommend hosting a slumber party once in your life...make your girls bring the blankets and pillows ya'll...pj's, fun food...THE WORKS! it's the best medicine for the blahs.

girl power!!!


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