family ties

perspective changes everything.

writing about nothing for the sake of being entertaining seems frivilous and pointless when you learn that a dear friend's in pain.

i was just thinking of this person today...and turns out he just lost his mom...i lost a parent 17 years ago and i still don't know what to say or what words of advice to offer. there's not much you really can say to someone when they lose something that important...our parents...we take advantage of their presence so often. just today i was scolding my mo for meddling in my love life. you think after losing one i'd wisen up but it's easy to get lost in the mumbo jumbo. perspective changes everything.

my friend's mom was at his wedding...that's what keeps running thru my head...she got to see her son marry the love of his life...somehow that just makes me cry harder though.

it's so easy to get caught up in life, so easy to forget just how powerful and wonderful our family ties are... maybe that's what i'd say. we have this crazy connection to the ones who made us...even after they pass they're always with us. sometimes when i'm alone and still i get this feeling and somehow i just know my dad is in the room with me and it's a good feeling...they never really leave for real.'s hard when you can't get out the magic words to make the hurt go away though... i don't feel like i'm saying what i'm supposed to say, what i need to say or want to say to get across the point. i just want to take out my heart and give it to him... 17 years later i'm still searching for those damn words.


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